MCD Roller Shade System


American Duo® and Solo® Day/Night Roller Shade Systems are designed to provide both solar protection and 100% privacy/light blocking capabilities in an attractive, user-friendly package.

  • Day Shades: MCD Clearview II™, Coffee, and White Linen Solar Screen
  • Night Shades: 100% Privacy/Light Blocking Vinyl Material or Decorator Fabric

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce Thermal Load 
  • Enhance Interior Comfort 
  • Simple-To-Install
  • Heat/UV Reduction with MCD Clearview Sunscreen
  • Easy-To-Clean
  • Conserve Energy 
  • Glare Control
  • FMVSS Tested Materials 
  • Made in the USA
  • Superior Outward Visibility with Solar Protection and Privacy


Shade Samples