Easy Beds

Easy Beds

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Flexsteel Easy Beds IN STOCK!!

  • The "Perfect Fit"
  • Fit's most spaces. Measure space (W x D x H)
  • Offer's 0-10" of storage space
  • Certain styles can fit onto a 7" raised slide out
  • Scissors into a bed
  • 40-49" sleeping surface
  • Optional removable arms & pull out drawer

Easy beds are similar to the Jacknife sofa's but these sit deeper thus offering you a larger sleeping surface.

To make this into a bed: Simply lift the seat up and out and it will lie flat into a bed. Easy! Hence the name easy bed.

Not only do we carry the furniture but our team is readily available to install your new furniture today. Please give us a call to see if your sofas in stock! #541-998-6541

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