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How to measure a sofa


Height: Measure from the floor to the top of sofa back.
Width: Measure the full width of the area the furniture will occupy OR 
from the outside edge of left arm to outside edge of right arm on your current sofa.
Depth: Measure from the wall/cabinet out to the edge of the area the furniture will occupy OR to the front of your current sofa.


Is your sofa on a RAISED or FLAT floor?


Flexsteel on a 5" raised floor

Flexsteel sofa on a 5" Raised Floor

Flexsteel sofa on a 5" Raised Floor

Flexsteel sofa on a flat floor

Flexsteel sofa on a flat floor

Costilla Loveseat

Product Description

#B2020 Loveseat

Loveseat: 56" Wide x 36" Deep x 41.5" High

Loveseat with Console: 61.5" Wide x 36" Deep x 41.5" High

Material Options: Fabric, Urethane, Leather/Vinyl

Reclining Options: Manual or Power 

Don't want your grandma's furniture in your RV? I bet we have something for your taste! Sleek and functional, this reclining loveseat is perfect for making a statement without sacrificing comfort. You can choose from power, featuring the new chrome touch buttons, or the traditional reclining handle. Don't forget about the matching chair to complete your space! It's time to spoil yourself and to get comfortable in your RV for once! Don't worry about the space! Our recliners are space savers!

3-4" away from the wall to fully recline with a wallhugging recliner.

6-12" away from the wall with a non wallhugger.

Overall 67" in length when fully reclined from the wall.

If your not comfortable measuring your unit don't worry! We have someone that can measure your RV / Slide out and offer you the best solutions. Please call us to make sure your loveseat is in stock! #541-998-6541

Shipping Options

Price does not include shipping to your residence or our store.  Please call for quote.

  • $1,440.00

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