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Thomas Payne


Norlina Fabric
62"W sofa = smaller center console
Altoona PolyHyde
62"W sofa = smaller center console
Millbrae PolyHyde
68"W & 72"W sofa = bigger center console
Grummond PolyHyde
68"W & 72"W sofa = bigger center console
62”W, 68”W, or 72”W
34”H x 30”D
Sleek design takes less space when made into a bed compared to a sofa sleeper with a mattress.
• Fold-down center console with cupholders. 
• Large storage space below the sofa.
• Converts to a bed in 1 easy motion.
• 42" overall depth when the bed is out.
• Includes matching kickboard

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